Declan O'Flaherty

You Are What You Do

CAN I BE BLUNT FOR A MOMENT? I’m gonna be blunt for a moment. So, you know already what I think about Facebook, right? The place where you’ll find a lot of the Law Of Attraction folk, hanging out with the rest of their wishy-washy “running slow mo through a meadow” hollow-head friends who all secretly hate themselves. You know, the self-helpless crowd? The people who bring no value to a world other than positive clap-happy pointless thoughts. Fortunately, the world we’re living in DEMANDS a little bit more than happy thoughts and good intentions. And that goes for the universe as a whole. It doesn’t care that you’re a lovely person with good intentions. It ain’t bending to suit your little needs either, no matter how positive your vibration. These people, by the way, are the very same people, I imagine, who suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and yes, deep down inside they may secretly hate themselves. I mean, you have to hate yourself a little if you’re a couch wearing fucktard with no skills other than being an old hand with a remote, right? They’ll never admit it. Not even to themselves. It’s why you’ll always catch them seeking out validation with their Facebook statuses.

The realm for the needy

They MUST get validated regularly just to keep that hatred at bay. I know, I know, I sound like a crazy crackpot right now. But what I tells ya is true nonetheless. By the way, it’s worth pointing out here that I don’t think all people who believe in silly things like the LOA, are full blown narcissists who secretly hate themselves. Not all of them. Anyway, what I speak of here is the value that the world demands – and the fact that most people have acquired no such skills to give that value. It’s harsh, I know. But that’s the world. She’s a tough aul mofo. But she can be tamed if you have the necessary skills to feed her. You see, nobody gives a flying cock about you, present family and friends excluded.

The universe doesn’t know how to give a fuck, and the world as we know it only reciprocates when you add value to it

Listen, we all have great intentions. We all want to make something of ourselves. For you a me, it’s about creating an online business by developing skills that actually help people themselves, live better lives. It’s a worthy goal. One that separates us from the mediocre majority. But as I say, none of this happens without actually developing those skills. Because the only thing that people truly care about, is what value you can bring to their lives. Your intentions bring nothing. So, you’re a marketer. That’s your title. It’s better than being a garbage man, but only if you make a success of it, right?

Even a garbage man is better than an unemployed couch wearer

It’s what you’re going to be defined as by the wold, whether you like it or not. YOU ARE YOUR JOB. YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO, OR DON’T DO. Of course, a garbage man is not going to agree with that. I wonder why. Delicate darlings don’t like to hear it either. They say, “I’m more than just a job, it’s what’s inside that really matters most.” Well, actually, NO – it’s not. I suspect most people who make such statements are the very people who have never got up off their arses and actually done something worthwhile with their lives. It’s not always the case, for sure. For the most part though, it pretty much is. Thing is… YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO. Not what you think you are, or what you say you will do. BUT WHAT YOU ACTUALLY FUCKING DO. It’s what you DO that defines you. Don’t believe me? Okay, fine, live in that bubble. But know that people who have never done ANYTHING worthwhile with their lives ALL die inside a little each day. Sure, they have loving partners who tell them they’re amazing. Kids who look up to their deadbeat parents because, let’s face it, kids are idiots until they learn to think for themselves, and even then it’s suspect whether or not the idiot gene has been passed on. Parents who are so proud just because their sons and daughters are not drug addicts. Whooppie. I’m a success because I’m not locked up or on drugs. But it counts for nowt. Truth is, the vast majority of people are miserable. They hate their jobs. They live for two days a week – and when those days come around, it’s off to the pub to watch the footie. They think that life owes them a living, when in reality it’s THEM that owes life a living. Because you will be defined by what value you bring to this world. But unless you acquire the skills to make the most of what you do, you will ALWAYS be part of the mediocre majority. You’ll then go on to a place like Facebook and seek out validation to justify why you haven’t done anything about it. And you’ll wither away in self-pity just hating yourself a little more day after day until you become a fully-fledged waster.

You’ll become just another sorry excuse for a human being

You’ll bitch and complain that the world owes you a living. Heck, you’ll probably march the streets when they cut your welfare payments again. But the world won’t give fuck about you. Of course, you’ll justify it all, eventually. You’ll seek out validation from wherever you can find it. Self-help, positive affirmations, LOA bullshit is most likely where you’ll find solace. But you won’t be important. You’ll know that you just didn’t do enough to make anything of yourself. Of course, family and friends are so much more important than any amount of financial gain and success. However, that’s a given. There’s not much value in that without your own self-worth being at a healthy high level, is there? And that’s why you see so many people lacking in confidence. It’s why anxiety is at an all time high. It has nothing to do with anything other than DOING SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Doing something that elevates your standards beyond the norm

Just don’t say you’re going to do it – and then don’t. All that does is suppress the inevitable self-hatred until a later time when you look back and realise you wasted the ONLY life you’ll ever have. The time is not far out in the distant future when everything will somehow, someway, just magically all fall into place. The killer of dreams, is tomorrow. No, the time to start making a difference in your life… is NOW. Next time you see someone getting angry over pretty much nothing. It’s because they’re not doing anything of importance. They’re projecting their self hatred. When you see people complaining about anything and everything. Know that it’s because they haven’t done anything worthwhile to make their lives better. It chips away at them each and every day. And the remedy for this? The fix? It’s actually very simple. Work hard every day to make yourself a better person. Exercise. Meditate. Eat healthy. And most importantly, develop the skills that can be deposited into the bank of life.

Your worth in this world is determined by the skills you have acquired

A garbage man has little skill – and that’s why the world gives him a low skilled, low paying job. Rocket science it ain’t. The same can be said for almost all skill levels. A surgeon gains much more recognition, respect and a healthy bank account to reflect his skill level. The same applies for almost all of us. You will be rewarded in kind for the value you can bring to the table. There’s no escaping it. When you create an online business, or any sustainable business for that matter, that pays you a nice living, it’s ONLY because that business is providing value to people. The sum of what you get in return for your work, is in direct proportion to the amount of value you give. And the value you give is also in direct proportion to the skills you have acquired. You want to feel good about the world and your place in it? Then acquire the skills to bring as much value as you can to the table. You will be rewarded financially and personally. Every day that passes you by is another day that you either add value to the world, and therefore your life, or it’s a day where you take from it and devalue your own self worth. There are, as there always are, exceptions. However, on the whole, these harsh truths are truths regardless. Anyway, it’s time… You can start by ditching the walloping amount of bullshit many have to sift through when trying to create an Internet business, and go take this FREE 4-part video training series I’ve created just for you (and everyone else who’s struggling right now). Digital Profit Classroom All the best. – Declan