Declan O'Flaherty

The Stuff Collectors

You know, there are 2 types of buyers in the info marketing world. The people who buy for pleasure. The people who buy for results. The first buyer rarely gets any use out of the products they buy. as crazy as that sounds, it’s true. They buy stuff, get a dopamine rush, spend two minutes going through the product, justify not taking action by telling themselves it won’t work, and then get distracted by another product they can repeat the exact same process with. If you think these people are nuts, just know that around 94% of the people in the info business do this. They’re likely price shoppers. The stuff buyers. I’m not saying they’re bad people, but they are the complete opposite of the second type of buyers, which are… The investment buyers. The insight buyers. The people who buy products with the intention of actually using it. In fact, the investment minded buyer doesn’t want a lot of information. They don’t need hand holding. They just want a system to follow. These people are NOT price shoppers. They’ll pay more money for less information and actually get far more results in return. So what’s the difference between both sets of people? Mindset. That’s it. Success is mostly, mindset. It’s true. Without the right attitude going in, we easily get distracted by anything shiny. Everything that’s NOT working for us right now, is LESS attractive than almost EVERY big promise for a better way, made by the gurus. Look at the likes of Ben Settle, who sells a monthly print newsletter for $97. That newsletter is ONLY 14 pages long in most cases. Would you pay $97 for 14 pages of content a month? Maybe you would. Would the majority of people pay $97 for 14 pages? Not a fucking chance. In fact, they believe that for $97 they should get 10, 20, 50 times more content for that kind of money. Content they’ll never even get through. You see how crazy up that is, right? But investment minded people don’t pay for stuff; they pay for results. And if those 14 pages teaches them something that can make them a lot more than $97, that’s money well spent. Obvious, right? Here’s the kicker: Investment minded people, who want less stuff and take action with what they learn, WILL get the results simply because they take action. The price shopper who wants MORE stuff, almost never takes action, gets overwhelmed, and never makes back the money the paid for the products they buy. Nuts. Does that mean LESS stuff is MORE valuable? Well, no. But it does mean that STUFF does not equal VALUE, yes? That’s why it’s important you consume, and also create, information products that have little to no filler. Everything you learn, or sell, or both, should be there to serve a purpose. To help you get specific results. No fluff. Just value in abundance. You can take a look at one such product here… Digital Profit Masterclass But you know what? I don’t want you to purchase anything from me if you’re unsure. Instead, you should take my FREE 4-PART video training series that’ll teach you more about great marketing than most of the paid products out there right now. Go here next to find out more… Free 4-Part Video Training Series Warmly, – Declan P.S: It’s important that you understand what I’ve laid out for here in this email. So, take a look at the amount of products on your hard drive that have never been put to use. Are there many? Too many? Have you honestly taken action with any of them? Inside Digital Profit Masterclass, there IS a lot of content. However, that content is laid out for you step-by-step for you to follow. But it’s ALL useless to the hoarders. As cliche and obvious as it is, it’s the action takers that get the results. Think about that.