They Weren't Thrilled When I Refused To Get A Real Job And Decided To Create An Internet Business Instead - I Now Pay Their Mortgage And They Think I'm A Frickin' Genius

» This is the exact same information I would teach you if you paid me $10,000 a month for personal coaching «

Dear Friend,

       Imagine how I felt, sitting in class with students half my age, trying to learn another skill that would help me turn my deadbeat life around.

       How did I end up in college 10 years ago at the ripe old age of 32?

       Well, I was a Plasterer for almost 15 years, until one day, I wasn't. The company I worked for went bust, and with it, so did I.

       So I had a decision to make...

       Go look for another Plastering job, which I hated, and continue working on cold, damp, dirty building sites for the rest of my life...

       Or pack it all in and do something better with my life.

       At the time, this was arguably the hardest decision I've ever had to make.

       I wouldn't just be giving up a well-paid job. I would have to give up everything.

       My apartment.

       My car.

       My weekly salary.

       My security.

       And worse of all, I would have to move in with my parents.

To say this was a scary and uncertain time in my life,
would be the understatement of the Century

       I was shitting my pants.

       Anyway, I decided the best course of action would be to learn a new set of valuable skills that would hold me in good stead for the remainder of my life.

       A job was out of the question.

       I mean, I spent almost 15 years working in a job I couldn't stand, and I gave it all up on a whim, so the last thing I was going to do was to jump straight into another job that could potentially turn out the same way.

So college seemed like the best option at the time

       But, the only decent course I could find for a person my age, was "network administration".

       Honestly, I hadn't a bloody clue what that was, but it involved computers, and I knew that was an industry on the rise.

       To cut a long story short: I spent a year and a half in college before I dropped out, because... I didn't like it.

       If giving up a well-paid job, my apartment, my car, my weekly salary, my security, my life as I had become accustomed to, and moving back in with my parents at the ripe ol' age of 32, was a scary decision, believe me, dropping out of college after a year and a half (age 34 now) was far, far scarier.

I felt like a bum. I felt depressed

       On top of that, I had my parents, my girlfriend, and my friends badgering me to go back working as a Plasterer. It was, after all, the ONLY true skill I possessed.

       It was tempting, but I just couldn't do it.

       I gave 15 years of my life to that job, and I hated every minute of it.

       No, there had to be something better out there.

       There was.

       It would be a couple of months after dropping out of college when I found out about people making money on the Internet, selling other people's products.

       After looking into it, and reading ALL the success stories many others were having, I borrowed a few quid from my girlfriend, bought my first training program, and got to work.

       Boy did it look a lot easier than it really was

I created my first review website a couple of weeks later, selling baby strollers as an affiliate for

       It was hard.

       To get traffic, I had to rank my review site on the first page of Google.

       So there I was, every single day, creating backlinks on every website I could find, just to get my website higher in the search rankings.

       For a while I did okay, I got traffic, but never made much.

       In fact, in my first year I made about
$100 in commission, in total

       It was heart-breaking at times.

       I gave up my well paid Plastering job because I hated it.

       Dropped out of college because I hated it.

       And now I was working harder than I ever worked, doing something I didn't enjoy, and I was still no better off.

       On top of that, I still had people badgering me to go back to being a Plasterer.

What was I to do?

       I felt completely lost.

       But, there was no way I could give up on this "making money online" thing. If I did, I don't think I would have ever forgiven myself. Besides, I had been through far too much already.

       I just had to find a better way to approach this business.

       First, I deleted all of my review sites.

       I stopped spamming blogs and forums with my links.

       I gave up trying to rank pages in the search engines.

       I gave up being an affiliate for Amazon.

       I started again.

Only this time, I paid very close attention to what was
ACTUALLY working best for the majority of
people who WERE succeeding

       I didn't jump straight into the first thing that came my way, like I did with the SEO nonsense that wasted another year and half of my life.

       Instead, I studied the greats like Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, and Dan kennedy.

       And in doing so, I learned about "Marketing."

       You'd think that in the first year and a half online, creating review sites, ranking pages in the search engines, and selling products as an affiliate for Amazon, that I would have ALREADY known about marketing, right?


       I learned nothing valuable in that time.

       In fact, that year and a half was a complete waste of time.

       I learned nothing other than what NOT to do.

10 years on, I am now 42, and earning more than
I could ever have possibly imagined

       I make far more than any of the people who kept badgering me to give up. Far more than I could have ever earned as a Plasterer.

       And more importantly, I'm happy.

       Not because I have money, although that helps, but because I stuck with it.

       I could have easily given up, many times in fact. And I know a lot of people would have been happy to see me do just that.

       I'm not sure if you can relate to my story or not.

I just wanted you to know that you
absolutely CAN make it in this business

       It's not easy, but as long as you avoid the mistakes I did, and you're able and willing to do the work, it is pretty straightforward, and dare I say it; simple.

       So, if you'll let me, I'd like to give you my blueprint to creating your very own successful Internet business. One which will help you earn a consistent income online, month after month... like clockwork.


        Here's the deal:

I've distilled everything I've learned about making money online into a complete step-by-step program called...

Digital Profit

        However, it's not cheap.

        And it's NOT for everyone.

        If you're looking for a SHORTCUT to success, this program can certainly help you get there.

        But this is NOT for people who can't follow direction.

       What You Need to Know:

        There's NO secret to making money online.

        The most Important thing you need to know is...

Building a successful Internet business...
has nothing to do with smarts, tactics,
gimmicks... or tricks

       It does, however, have everything to do with following a proven system.

       That right there, is the key to everything.


Too Many Tactics Lead to Frustration,
Overwhelm and a Lack Of Direction

        Listen: Almost all products being sold these days are "tactic" based products.

        It's not surprising people are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

        After all, they're constantly being fed tiny pieces of a big puzzle, rather than being given the whole thing.

The Key Is in The System, Not The Tactic

        When you get the complete puzzle laid out in front of you - and not just the pieces, you'll find doubt and uncertainty are a thing of the past.

        Like a fog has been lifted, the dark clouds pass over... and for the first time you can see a clear path opening up in front of you.

        You'll then see exactly what it takes to finally start making a living online.

Who Needs These Proven Business
Building Income Strategies?

  • Are you willing to put the work into creating an Internet business, but are not sure where to start, what to do next... and how exactly to go about it in the right order?
  • Do you find you're consistently being busy every day online, and haven't made significant progress in the last 6 months?
  • Are you struggling to build relationships in your niche because no one considers you an authority or an expert worth listening to?
  • Do you lack confidence in your ability to create and sell your very own Information products - and therefore are stuck promoting other people's junk?
  • Are you slowly building an email list, but find not many people are responsive to your messages - and others who open your emails are just not buying?
  • Do you find most advice and products in your niche are pretty much worthless and have not learned anything substantial enough to take your business to the next level?
  • Are you sick and tired of being shown dozens and dozens of ways to make money online, knowing all too well you're not being told the whole story

        If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, I'm here
to tell you that I know where you're coming from

        I have been there myself - and it doesn't get any easier as long as you keep searching for the "one" tactic, tip or piece of advice that you think will change your fortunes.

       Unfortunately, that's not how it works.

         And that's why I decided to solve the biggest problem online.

        Digital Profit Classroom™ is a "paint-by-numbers" Internet marketing bootcamp.

        Inside the member’s area you get access to the most up-to-date, cutting edge tactics and strategies that will take anyone (experienced or new) from being frustrated, overwhelmed and lacking direction... to a skilled marketer... guaranteed.

        I'm not the hype-type when it comes to talking about Internet marketing, but I'm very serious when I say that this is the most comprehensive training course dedicated to teaching the best Internet marketing strategies.

When you enroll in this training, you're
getting everything needed to succeed

        Productivity. Market research. Squeeze page training. Sales training. Copywriting. Funnels. Traffic generation. List building. Email marketing. Product creation...

        ... and all the little details encased in these tactics, strategies, and systems.

You Will Know Exactly
How to Succeed Online

        I have completely taken out the all the guess work and laid out a simple to follow marketing blueprint anyone can successfully use to succeed online.

        After you take this course, you will know exactly where to start, and what to do every step of the way

        It all comes down to knowing exactly WHAT to do... and WHEN to do it.

        Most people over-complicate things. A LOT.

How Is It Different Than
Other Training Courses?

       Marketers Don't Want to Create Products Like This One.

        They would much rather create and sell "Isolated tactic" products - and keep you coming back to buy more... time and time again.

       When does it stop?

        Doesn't it make far more sense to Invest in a system, rather than another half-baked, half-complete cheap $17 product?

       It does.

I Created The Training
To Solve A Problem

       I didn't create Digital Profit Classroom™ as a one-hit-wonder product.

        I created it to solve the problem that no one else is willing to solve.

        A one-stop-shop where anyone can learn all the skills needed to become a success on the Internet.

       So rest assured:

        What you're getting can pay you back 10, 20, 50... even 100 times your initial investment today, as long as you're NOT lazy about putting the content to use.


        Digital Profit Classroom™ is not another "basic" training course filled with material you can find readily available for free across the web.

        I'm not in the business of peddling regurgitated, outdated tactics that are clearly not working for the vast majority of people who venture online to change their lives for the better.


        You are getting access to the latest cutting edge ideas, concepts and strategies that the majority of people really have no idea about.

       If they did, more people would be successful.

        But, unfortunately, what's being taught online to the majority of people, is obviously very wrong and certainly very misleading at best.

Sit Back... If You Will...
And Imagine The Following

♦ Think about having access to every piece of knowledge that an experienced marketer has paid thousands of dollars acquiring... and over 8 years perfecting... all in one place for you to go through and consume, at your own pace.

♦ Imagine not having to worry about whether or not you're moving in the right direction... and imagine how secure you'll feel knowing that everything you're learning is guaranteed to put you on the right path to success.

♦ Think about how simplified your life will be knowing with certainty that you're on the right path... and how confident you'll feel knowing your future is not plagued with doubts and fears.

Here's some of what you'll discover
inside Digital Profit Classroom

The step-by-step, copy and paste techniques used by the most successful Internet marketers (some borrowed, some "stolen" - all gold... tested and proven)

The secret to building trust squeeze pages (It's a known fact that blind opt-in landing pages build low quality, unresponsive email lists)

Special conversion techniques only 1% of marketers use and 99% don’t even know exist (game changer)

How to research, write, and have a product up for sale in as little as 12 hours (and that's being generous - you can do it in much less time - plus - the easiest and most lucrative products to create)

How you can eliminate overwhelm, never procrastinate again... and... how using my secret _____ a day formula guarantees you at least double your productivity (I promise this will blow your mind)

How to Effortlessly Create sales pages even if you've never created one before in your life (you don't need to spend years learning how to write sales copy, when I show you my shortcut system that anyone can learn in little to no time at all)

Why your list building strategies are 90% worthless - and why so many people fall flat on their faces before they even send their first promotional email (there are very specific things that needs to be in place "before" you start building your email list)

How selling a $1 product can turn you into a 6 figure earner and build you a customer list quicker than you ever thought possible (offline multimillion dollar businesses have been built solely on using this very easy to Implement customer building tactic)

The customer multiplier method that anyone can set up no matter their experience... and... absolutely kill it with conversions on the back-end of their funnel (the only funnel I set up in my business that puts other marketers funnels to shame)

Why simple free reports are not even read, which automatically lowers your chances of creating a lasting first Impression with your new subscribers... and... how to completely turn it on its head (how many free reports have you downloaded on squeeze pages over the past few months that have given you value? Not many, right? We have to do things differently)

How to set up a simple 5-page system which can run your entire business on complete autopilot (That's it. Just 5 pages can run your business and make you money consistently for years to come)

How to crank out entertaining, funny, controversial and interesting email messages that engage your subscribers and keep them wanting more (like it or not, if you cannot keep your email subscribers engaged, you're already dead in the water)

How "one" simple email tactic actually guarantees you get more opened emails, more click trough’s, and of course... more sales (nothing sneaky - and although opens and clicks are never the determining factor when it comes to making sales, your subscribers are going to be highly qualified clickers)

The exact process I use to determine what I need to be working on every time I sit down at my computer (ever feel like there's not enough time to get everything done? Well, my sneaky (and very effective) method for eliminating unimportant tasks from my to-do list... will make sure you're using the 80/20 rule to it's optimized capacity. This has been responsible for the largest portion of my success)

Polarizing: You'll laugh when you see how easy it is to stand head and shoulders above every other email marketer vying for the attention of your subscribers (It cracks me up how easy it is to separate myself from the other lemming marketers)

How to convert 25% out of every 100 subscribers into buyers by using my secret positioning "OTO" method (think of how powerful your autoresponder sequences will be, knowing how many buyers you are getting onto your list)

The essential guide to structuring a product that forces your readers to take action, get results... and... have them salivating at the chance to buy from you again (your Information products will make sure you get repeat business from the same customers... for life)

The Guerrilla marketing method that costs less than $5 to set up - that has generated $1000's for me and my business every month for 4 straight years (you'll be targeting proven buyers who have not been tainted with all the B.S. hype online)

You'll discover why you need less traffic, spend less time, cash and energy... to make more money with a few simple conversion secrets many are far too blinded to see (It still constantly amazes me how difficult people make the simplest of things)

The 8 step process I use to structure and outline every Information product I create (this saves you a massive amount of time and effort when creating your paid products 'cause you will use the same structure on all of the products you create)

Why it's inevitable that between 92% and 96% of people fail to create a successful Internet business... and how you never have to worry about making the same mistakes (when you follow along with my step by step proven system, you really have no chance of failing. You'll know what to do, how to do it, when to do it... and... in what order to do start doing it)

…And... seriously... I'm only scratching the surface on what you're getting access to inside this course

 "Are You Ready to Learn Outside the Box Strategies and Absolutely CRUSH IT Online Every Single Time?"

        Here's how it works.

       You can lock yourself in at the special price below.

        This is a single onetime payment - but it isn’t the average, CHEAP, "tactic" based product you're prob'ly used to buying.

       It's much more sophisticated than that.

       How so?

        If you take action with just 1 or 2 techniques I show you throughout this whole training, you will have invested your money wisely…

        But I deliver on my promise to give you EVERYTHING I said I would, and more.

        This training course can – and will change how you make money online.

        Having the skills needed to go into any market
and absolutely CRUSH IT! – is PRICELESS!

        Heck, just saving money you'd otherwise blow on lacklustre half-assed eBooks... and saving you tremendous amounts of time - makes this an incredible deal.

         You’ll be getting unique, exclusive content (Audios, Videos, PDF's) which you’ll be able to act on immediately and make money.

Praise for Declan O'Flaherty's
Digital Profit Classroom...

Hi Declan,

I purchased your product "Digital Profit Classroom" and i would like to thank you for coming up with an amazing coaching course.

It is by far one of the best if not THE best that I've come across in the past 4 years! It has really filled in the missing spots for me to complete my affiliate marketing method.

I haven't completed all the videos yet. I've only finished the video on creating my free report and i feel that this has given so much value for the price that you selling it for. I've completed my free report and I'll be continuing with the rest of the videos soon.

Once again, Thank you so much for creating this!

Shane Hon

Declan teaches simple but very, very effective means, methods, and techniques to not only build your list of subscribers, but Declan teaches you how to build and engage a list of loyal buyers.

For me personally, as for training is concerned, I've paid thousands of dollars more for training with far less value.  With the Digital Profit Classroom, I got a tremendous amount value not to mention some really superb products to build a solid internet marketing foundation to achieve my goals.

Chet Holloway

I don't know whether It's your teaching style or no nonsense attitude, but I found everything so easy to follow. For the first time since I've been online, I now know exactly where I should be focusing my attention.  There's a clear path in front of me.

Thank you for creating such an awesome training program.

Daniel Young

To be honest, this is one of the best Investments I've ever made. You will get access to over 30 very detailed videos teaching you step by step how to earn a living online.

As always, Declan over-delivers. I have paid far more for products that have given me far less in value.

Ludovic. K

Plus, Your Satisfaction (And Success) is 100% Guaranteed:

And, it's especially important you act right away considering I am offering you this ridiculous "no-brainer" guarantee:

If over the first 365 days, you decide “Digital Profit Classroom” isn’t for you for ANY REASON — simply email me…

And I'll close out your membership… offer it to someone else… and refund every penny you paid — no questions asked

Now, You Have A Decision To Make

To finally get your marketing career in gear, you can...

  • Get access to this training with over 14 information-packed hours and learn everything you need to know about building and running a successful Internet marketing business...


  • You can try and find all of this valuable information online... You can continue paying through your nose for the next shiny objects you already know will fail to deliver every single time…

        …and you can continue to create content that just makes your prospects run away as fast as they can.

       The choice is simple...

       Join Today with Absolutely Zero Chance of Getting Screwed Over & With 100% Confidence That You’ll Become a Kick-Ass Internet Marketer - And take comfort in the fact that you are also covered with my no questions asked 1-year money back guarantee

Here’s what happens when you click one of the “Buy Now” buttons below:
1. You’ll be taken to a totally secure PayPal checkout page protected by SSL 256-bit Encryption.
2. After you enter your payment details you’ll create your Digital Profit Classroom account, confirm your email address, and login into the member’s area.
3. All plans come with a 365 day no questions asked Iron clad guarantee
4. All plans are 1-time fees---there are NO ongoing charges.

Do NOT Underestimate the Value of What's Being Offered Here Today. You Will NEVER See a More Complete Internet Marketing Training Course Than What's Waiting for You Inside the Members Area...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly fee required?

There is NO monthly fee. For a limited time, you can get lifetime access to the members area... for just $97

What experience level do I need to be at, to get the most benefit from the course?

It makes no difference whether you're a beginner, or an experienced marketer. I teach you all the skills needed to create a successful Internet business. Whether it's your first day online, or your 5th year online, every person who takes this course will get tremendous benefit.

I'm already making money online... is there anything new I'll learn from the training?

Absolutely. I pride myself in teaching cutting edge strategies the vast majority of Internet marketers have never heard of before. At the moment, most people online are Implementing strategies that are outdated and less effective as they once were.

What if I get stuck somewhere along the way?

No problem. Although the course is very step by step, if you have any questions, I'm only an email away... and I'm dedicated to making sure you get the absolute best out of this training. Your success is my satisfaction.

What if after purchasing the course, I feel it's not right for me?

You are covered for a full year. At any time over the next 365 days, if you don't believe this is the best Investment you've ever made online, I'll happily, and promptly return every penny to you without any questions. I honestly don't want your money if you're not happy. That is exactly why I have set up such a lengthy guarantee.

Are updates included with my purchase?

Yes. You get lifetime access to the members area. I will always be adding new trainings, tools and resources to the members area. You will never have to pay another cent again once you lock yourself in today.

What kind of topics do you cover inside the training?

Everything needed to create a successful Internet business. Email marketing & list building. Product creation & promotion. Copywriting & conversion funnels. Productivity & niche research. Traffic & content distribution. Squeeze pages & sales pages... and everything in between. In short: Nothing is left out. If it's needed for success, it will be inside the course.

What's different about this training course?

A lot. Most training courses give you an overview of what it takes to make money online. Inside my training bootcamp you will not only learn how to make money, but also every little detail on how to do it, why you're doing it... and in what order it needs to be done. The devil is in the details, and this is the most comprehensive step by step training course out there. Nothing is left to chance.

I already know how to create squeeze pages and build email lists, should I just skip these steps inside the members area?

Absolutely not. 99% of marketers think they know about squeeze pages and building email lists, but statistically these same people are struggling to earn a consistent income. Why? Because they are just following regurgitated nonsense just like the majority of others who are struggling.

Truth is: Most of the tactics and strategies been used online are outdated, ineffective and just don't work the same way as they used to. When you get inside the members area, I want you to devour every single piece of content. You will learn many, many new ways to Improve your results.

So get in today - you have no excuses to finally turn things around and be a success!

To get started, Click Here

Plus, Your Satisfaction (And Success) is 100% Guaranteed:

And, it's especially important you act right away considering I am offering you this ridiculous "no-brainer" guarantee:

If over the first 365 days, you decide “Digital Profit Classroom” isn’t for you for ANY REASON — simply email my fantastic Member Services team…

They’ll close out your Digital Profit Classroom membership… offer it to someone else… and refund every penny you paid — no questions asked

To your success,

Declan O'Flaherty
Creator of Digital Profit Classroom

P.S. The best time to start taking action with just "one" proven strategy is NOW. This video course makes it easy to succeed - even if you haven't made a cent online before!

P.P.S. Remember, you get complete access to everything inside the members area, plus future additions at no extra cost...


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